I've just run into this feature in Oracle for my .Internet programs and also have just placed 1.two million records in just a few seconds using ODP.Internet.

I'd like this performance in SQL Server so wondered if there is an alternateOrexact same feature in SQL Server?


This things i have discovered:

Within an application among the greatest expenses of information insertion into the database is making round outings towards the DB for insertion purpose. ADO.Internet supplies a mechanism copying a majority of data to SQL server using SqlBulkCopy.

However for placing bulk data in to the Oracle database we want the aid of ODP.Internet (Oracle Data Provider for .Internet) . Presuming that ODP.Internet has already been installed, give a reference for "Oracle.DataAccess" for your solution. The code below helps guide you bulk copy for oracle could be accomplished using Array Binding.

Martin is appropriate.

in SQL Server you need to use SqlBulkCopy lots of questions regarding it within SO:

What's the drawback of SqlBulkCopy

I've investigated it and there's a BULK Place in SQL Server which utilizes files to import data that is faster compared to SqlBulkCopy class

However without carrying out exact tests I am unsure how this versus Oracle works