I've got a large amount of websites, It's my job to prefer to setup an atmosphere with PHP / MySQL / Apache.

However, now I am beginning to make use of Django, also it does not appear simple to setup, after i get it done, I must use sqlite and make up a couple of softball bat files for running the packed development server, and install everything alone. (I am using home windows on lots of my servers).

But this really is tiresome, and also the problems and steps become a lot more complicated if I wish to use Apache rather than development server, and when I wish to use MySQL rather than sqlite (or postreSQL). Actually, I don't think it is simple to get MySQL and Django cooperating, because mysql python module is needed and also the developer of this just uses Linux and it has files setup for your purpose.

I believe a primary reason PHP/MySQL combo grew to become so common is due to the supply of contractors like Apache2triad, XAMPP, and WAMP. Do bundles like this exist yet for Django?

Take a look at bitnami-djangostack