I question if there is a helpful library or lightweight framework just for database connectivity. Things I require is something which allows me make use of a MySQL database with prepared claims inside a secure way, without thinking a great deal about gcc_miracle_quotes and things like that. Something object oriented could be nice to possess, with a few convenience when fetching data in the DB. I'd rather not use a giant framework like cake or symfony just for your. It ought to be something really lightweight, for this purpose purpose.

Please, should you recommend something, write just a little about it's benefits and drawbacks. That might be great! Thanks everybody!


MySQLi (note the i) supports prepared claims also it comes set up in most contemporary versions of PHP.

You might like to take a look at Pear MDB2

PDO, MysqlI, PEAR MDB2, Doctrine(provides much more), ADO for PHP. You will find plenty of choices, however i would most likely use PDO.

I personally use this one by Troy Wolf since years. Never unsuccessful me.