I have to determine if there's any embedded DBMS (ideally in Java and never always relational) which assists multiple author programs (processes) on a single group of db files. BerkeleyDB supports multiple visitors but simply one author. I want multiple authors and multiple visitors.


It's not a multiple connection problem. I am talking about I don't need multiple connections to some running DBMS application (process) to create data. I want multiple DBMS programs (processes) to commit on a single storage files.

HSQLDB, H2, JavaDB (Derby) and MongoDB don't support this feature.

I believe there might be some File System restrictions that stop this. If that's the case, it is possible to File System that enables multiple authors on one file?

Use Situation: The utilization situation is really a high-throughput clustered system that expects to keep its high-volume business log records right into a SAN storage. Storing business logs in separate files for every server doesn't fit because query and indexing abilities are essential overall biz logs.

Because "a SAN typically is its very own network of storage products that commonly are not accessible with the regular network by regular products", I wish to use SAN network bandwidth for logging while cluster LAN bandwidth has been employed for other server to server and client to server communications.