All I would like is to possess a workflow somewhat much like:

  1. Add django_evolution towards the INSTALLED_Applications for the project
  2. Run ./ syncdb
  3. Make changes towards the model files inside your project
  4. Run ./ evolve --hint --execute

That is super easy and despite the fact that it does not support advanced features (like multiple databases) it will understand how to add/remove posts the industry common use situation.

sqlalchemy-migrate comes with an insanely complex workflow in contrast and both lessons (1, 2) recommended through the paperwork are generally outdated or irrelevant.

I believe you already attempted your hands on DJango :). Fundamental essentials functionality at this time unavailable with current SQLAlchemy. Recommended by @madjar you should use development version of Alembic or use sqlalchemy-migrate. Relevant post has already been in stack overflow.

The creator of SQLAlchemy lately began focusing on Alembic. While will still be youthful (version .1), it might suits your requirements.