As captioned, when being able to access database in application, can there be any problem with use rowid?

Although a rowid distinctively identifies a row inside a table, it could change its value when the underlying table is definitely an index organized table or perhaps a partitioned table.

Also, rowids change if your table is released and imported using EXP/IMP.

This suggests that rowids shouldn't be saved away for later re-use because the corresponding row then might either not exist or contain different data.

RowId isn't certain to stay for the row, so it is best to make use of a primary key rather.

You are fine to utilize a ROWID within an application to locate a record you had been searching at earlier within the same session. Usually this is the fastest method of getting towards the record.

However, what you need to never do will be store this Rowid within the database - or elsewhere - as reinstates from backup and so forth can alter ROWIDs.

If you are using Oracle, make use of the [cde] - Universal ROWID - because this stop using Physical ROWIDs and begin using Logical ROWIDs on tables in which the ROWID might change throughout a session, for instance with an index organized table.