Hi all
I wish to give a functionality to my Wordpress site that let my site visitors can have the ability to election my Wordpress posts (although not star rating, it will likely be thumbs up/lower)
i have found some solutions but all are working within +1/-1 limit.However, i wish to allow my site visitors for +/-3 (i am talking about +3/+2/+1//-1/-2/-3 ) voting.
Can there be any wordpress plugin or tutorial to make this available?

This seems like a reasonably easy switch to among the voting plug ins (take http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/vote-it-up/other_notes/ for instance).

It's unlikely that you could securely perform this type of switch to the wordpress plugin yourself, based only on the tutorial, though. Most likely, your best choice is just one of:

  • Publish this request within the forum or feature request the election-it wordpress plugin
  • Request the aid of a wordpress plugin developer in your local job-board. The task is rather simple, so you may have the ability to hire a company to get it done for any low cost