I wish to store a really great deal of vector data on the server and just poll the various components I want in a given point...

This should not be considered a problem.

Can there be in whatever way to consider a vector file as an svg file and import it right into a database? I possibly could always write an svg parser to import it into my database, but can there be any standard method of carrying this out or storing vector data inside a database ?

I do not think you are able to refer to it as a typical, but here's a fascinating connect to an academic paper:

A Design and Implementation of Spatial Database Based on XML-SVG


SVG, which means Scalable Vector Graphics, is definitely an open standard in text that causes it to be easy to represent graphic information in compact, portable form and mostly faces on posting the spatial vector graphics in network atmosphere. Used, you can't really avoid an excellent capacity of spatial information systems, which in fact had made SVG document is simply too large to become implemented throughout posting on the web.

It's slowed down lower the performing speed from the system on client side and it is weaken its advantages and brilliance. Such SVG database continues to be suggested because the solution for controlling all of the graphics and it is characteristics inside a Web server. SVG document is planned into SVG database that functions as a buffer within the server. The issuance efficiency continues to be enhanced to some large degree.

I possibly could always put a huge svg document right into a database, but I have to have the ability to lookup vertices at lightning fast speed and that i curently have all the details within an svg document. I simply require a rationalized method of applying the data inside a database.

In MSSQL you've got a XML column type that enables you to definitely do XPATH type queries.