Can there be anyway to cover .swf path turning up from web page??

use a php script something similar to getswf.php?title=expensive.swf inside your expensive tags. Then create getswf.php script to reply with creation of expensive.swf file, and expensive.swf file inside a directory outdoors of public directory.

There might be ways to really make it hard to view. However, nothing you need to do can stop a smart foe by using something like Fiddler to watch website traffic and undo all of your obfuscation.

I believe this can be a fairly pointless exercise. Any resource that will get delivered to a browser, whether it is a picture, seem, expensive movie, even flv files loaded through the YouTube player, can be saved to disk fairly easily.

As Justin mentions, Fiddler is capable of this easily.

As others clarified it you will find ways to get it done making use of your script. If you're searching for a compensated option look at this Media Vault.

Hiding the Hyperlink to the swf file may be a significant challenge but you will find other steps you can take if you are attempting to more carefully safeguard the recordingOrinformation being displayed through the swf.

I'll tell you a few ideas within the order I believe them most obfuscated using the least first. Bare in your mind that many of these techniques basically allow it to be harder to get at the dataOrvideo clip instead of which makes it impossible to acquire.

The primary idea most sites often follow is getting the swf like a player and also the content in another file elsewhere, usually an flv or mp4 etc.

Add flv location through Javascript

This method is really as fundamental because it sounds. You've your swf player around the page and pass a brand new variable too it (for example 'file') using the place to the flv file using Javascript. If you are already loading your articles with a few type of JS expensive module then all of the simpler to start implimenting.

Obfuscating flv location through XML

Another techniqe I have seen used quite lately is getting an XML document like a paremeter towards the swf player and so the expensive player itself resolves the Link to the flv from the node within the XML. It's not hard to arrive at the flv URL if you wish to however it does allow it to be that tiny bit harder.

Token access

This method may be used along with any of these two. You essentially make sure that your flv files are only able to be utilized by using a unique token otherwise the page returns a HTTP error. The token could be understood through the expensive player and also the server and upon the ball player implementing for that flv, an expression should be incorporated (usuallu the token is obfuscated in some manner it can't be easily mimmicked via a simple GET request).

Domain access

Much like the above mentioned in this situation, the flv file are only loaded once the asking for URL is really a specific site. Other demands is going to be refused (for example directly striking the flv location inside your browser.

As mentioned above, none of those techniques allow it to be unattainable your hands on your expensive material. Whether it's on the internet (or any network for your matter), it's possibly a target. You'll usually find for many stuff that which makes it harder to acquire will deter lots of individuals who'd otherwise happen to be aware of installing your articles.

Completely hiding the Hyperlink to the swf

In case your only criteria would be to hide the URL then hiding it behind a URL rewrite is the greatest option I'm able to think about.

Your swf may be at /location/expensive/player.swf?file=summer time.flv and you could perform a URL rewrite to something similar to /holidays/summer2011/.

By doing this the Hyperlink to the swf is totally stashed which should match your need to hide the swf path.