You will find many online for free services which gives you large spaces to keep your individual materials, mails, etc. But can there be anywhere that may let's host our code - which will keep the modification history?

Google Code or SourceForge might not be a ideal place since it requires developing a project that is specific and helpful to others, while things i want is really a spot to hold any type of code that we think is helpful but might not be for anyone else.

You will get free GIT and SVN hosting at

BitBucket permit private and public Mercurial databases.

It is all about Github. 300 Megabytes repository free of charge. Nice interface, simple to use. Plus everyone knows GIT > SVN :)

Github has Gists that may meet your needs. Also, Snipplr. is how MS provides free source control via Team Foundation Server.

projectlocker is another good option free of charge Subversion, Git hosting..

Google Code link.

You may also get free, private SVN hosting at Their 100MB package is free of charge.

What about which compensated or that is free.

You are able to host private projects on DevjaVu is you need to use Subversion.

CVSDude does free 2M subversion repository, you may also use Resumes should you pay.

I have used to keep a variety of items of code. Customers even upload entire programs.

You will find even online code editors available (well, a type of, that project continues to be within the development phase).


I have used CodeSpaces for more than a year now and not were built with a problem. I am a new user and so i apparently can't publish links...

seriously men not see that he's interest only in hosting online some fragments of code like some functions etc not full projects as well as not public but private. Obviously it's possible with every single solution all of you stated inside your posts but it's not quite what he was searching for . All of you responded like spammers and it is that's funny

So why not don't use anything but

as someone already pointed out

You will find lots of solutions already posted which fit hosting full-fledged programs and so i will not bother contributing to their email list but when you are searching at hosting more compact things (code clips, simpler projects) with revision history you could look at utilizing a wiki?