I'm researching working with WordPress 3.x custom publish types. I observe how easy it's to produce content types for example "situation", "ticket", "image", etc, etc. However it appears like I'm putting my eggs in a single basket. Allows say I produce a new custom publish type "image" in order to create art galleries. It is possible to method to setup multiple art galleries with individuals images? Can there be in whatever way to create sub-classes from the publish type "images" in order to distinguish one group image from another and make multiple art galleries? I thanks ahead of time for the input.

ryy...custom publish types are extremely flexible. You are able to distinguish posts by utilizing custom taxonomies (http://internet.tutsplus.com/lessons/wordpress/presenting-wordpress-3-custom-taxonomies/). Wherever you're inside the Wordpress context, you could retrieve your custom posts while using Wordpress_Query class (http://codex.wordpress.org/Function_Reference/Wordpress_Query), that is very flexible and simple to use. You do the best factor by developing a custom publish type for that things you've pointed out. You can preserve everything well-organized this way and can have the ability to perform a lot using the data that you simply put in it.