I've got a software and also at instruction I purchased Operators to backup software data(SQLServer2000 in your area) regularly .

However the operator did not by curious she restored database through the First backup (7 several weeks earlier) . We now have lost all software data ( database) . this type of disaster .

To learn more software make use of this query for copying :

BackUP DATABASE databaseName to DISK=...

and that one for rebuilding :


I appreciate any idea

You'll need a complete backup file to rollback your changes. If you don't get it you can't revert back.

Does nobody possess a newer backup? (localy placed somewhere on the server) Can there be every other wy to retrieve the information (maybe developement code from databases on local computer systems)?

Otherwise then you definitely find out how important regulary backup copies are - NOW. Sorry.

EDIT: Check this recovering info for the potential of recuperating all of your data.