Hello, I am creating a remote spend server that connects from a text-only client along with a virtual spend.

It really works perfectly when utilizing regular spend instructions, however the first factor that individuals try after that's vim, which quickly drives my server crazy and should not be also closed remotely.

Can there be in whatever way to identify ncurses based programs and stop them from running during my special spend?

(the server is ruby, but any system command is going to do)

You are able to declare the abilities your spend has, by setting the word atmosphere variable towards the correct value. For example, in case your spend has got the same abilities because the vt100 terminal, export TERM towards the correct value, and programs like vim will respect that.

To operate vim in vt100-mode, try:

TERM=vt100 vim

You might try:

export TERM=dumb

The secret is to locate a terminal that matches the abilities of what you're creating. There's a great deal to select from. On my small system (Arch Linux) this provides us a lengthy listing of options:

find /usr/share/terminfo

You may have the ability to look for a terminal specs that matches what your program are designed for.

Alternatively, you might want to consider applying terminal emulation for ansi or vt100:



All the best!