Can there be SQLAlchemy automigration tool like South for Django?

I looked to sqlalchemy-migrate however it does not appear to create sql update scripts instantly or upgrade downgrade DB

Appears like with sqlalchemy-migrate you have to a) by hand copy your old model to a different file b) crate new model in application and copy it to a different file c) write by hand create/drop/alter tables in python sqlalchemy extended dialect d) generate sql alter script e) run command to complete alter sql script

For me it does not solve the issue and just adds overhead, when i can easily do d) by hand and it'll considerably faster then perform a), b), c) by hand simply to d) that can be done in a single step.

Can there be any auto migration libraries for SQLAlchemy like South for Django, or many RoR-like migration tools?

Things I require is to alter SQLAlchemy model in python application, run tool and it'll compare current DB schema to new DB schema that new model should use, and make Alter scripts will be able to adjust by hand and execute.

Can there be any solution such as this in Python?

Perhaps you have investigated using sqlalchemy-migrate?