Our clients upload a significant quantity of data from around the globe and we'd enjoy good to create that as painless as you possibly can. Our clients upload 2GB price of files over their sometimes very 'retail' broadband packages (with assigned upload speeds) that remove upload occasions to 24-48 hrs. At any time we now have 10 or even more concurrent uploads and look periods we are able to have 100 concurrent uploads. Therefore we made the decision to think about methods to reduce latency and our clients traffic local... so just like a CDN has download servers in a variety of locations, we want upload servers.

Any experience or ideas?

We are not really a huge company but this can be a problem worth fixing so we'll consider all options.

How about putting some servers physically nearer to your customers ? Same Web service provider, or at the minimum within the same nations. Then you definitely just collect it on schedule. I do not suppose they are getting top speeds when there's 100 of these uploading for you either, therefore the sooner they come completed the greater.

Also, do they have to upload these items immediately ?? Can a number of them publish DVD for whatever is not time sensitive ? Yes, it sux coping with media within the publish.... therefore it is hardly ideal.

A reverse CDN kind of situation would only really happen should you have had multiple clients using torrents and seeding their uploads (in some way) to your servers.

You have not really stated if this sounds like an issue for you personally, or perhaps your clients. So, more info will enable you to get a much better answer here.

2GB per what period of time? Hour? Day?

In case your operation is big, I would not be too surprised if Akamai or among the other usual CDN suspects can offer this particular service for you for the best cost. You can find your bizdev folks (or buying) in contact with them.