Can there be worthwhile lessons to transform HTML+ CSS to Wordpress? not PSD 2 HTML? I am talking about if HTML CSS can be obtained we simply need to convert a XHTML CSS template to installable Wordpress 3. Theme? I am not speaking about PSD 2 HTML.

For instance this really is free CSS template Among the finest to download it and convert this css template into Wordpress 3. installable theme.

My real question is just opposite for this question

I do not think there's an automatic tool for your.

Wordpress themes are not only Html + Css: you need to call the right Php Wordpress APIs to be able to display you, groups, comments, etc.

Regrettably, carrying this out on your own isn't trivial without having any previous Php or Wordpress experience (it isn't impossible either).

A potential alternative would be to download an existing Wordpress theme and make a child theme from this, which essentially means technology-not only like a template and override a number of its configurations, for example the Css file. Regrettably, it's very unlikely the Css classes used there'd match individuals of the design, which means you would still need to perform a large amount of tayloring.

I discovered this tutorial. This tutorial isn't supposed to be about transforming HTML+CSS to wordpress theme but this provides a fundamental idea to produce wordpress theme and just how it really works. After you are aware how wordpress theme works you can begin adding wordpress' template tags making it suitable for wordpress.

To begin with you must know how wordpress templating system works. The easiest method to do that is to undergo wordpress codex and comprehend the layout of styles in wordpress.

Even I began transforming other CSS templates directly into wordpress styles such as this. I got all of the fundamental elements like 'header', 'footer', 'sidebars' and put them in spots in wordpress theme. You are able to take a current classic wordpress theme (default) and alter it by changing the sun and rain. When you start carrying this out, you'll learn how styles operate in wordpress.