Can there be worthwhile php5 OOP tutorial site?

I Researched for some time ,and
discovered that you will find all PHP4 OOP site everywhere.

You will find couple of places where one can find out about OOP in PHP:


Classes and Objects (PHP 5)

OOP in PHP5 (Warning - pdf!)

Presentation on contrastin oop in PHP4 versus PHP5 (couple of other presentations will also be availible on

php.internet guide about migrattin oop from PHP4 to PHP5

You will find also couple of books, ie: Object-Oriented Programming with PHP5

When You'll use google - If you have been many sites relating to this - and when You want to understand it, just buy and focus among the more recent books about oop in php5 - usually they've reliable information, written with easy language.

It isn't free, however the best resource I discovered about PHP5 + OO generally is Matt Zandstras PHP Objects, Designs and exercise.

It not just teaches you the fundamentals (classes v. objects, inheritance, polymorphism etc, that is where many people stop while studying OO) it experiences design designs which demonstrate how you can do OO right.

By 'right' I simply mean such things as coding for an interface, DRY, composition over inheritance etc. Most importantly, it is going over fundamental UML (class and sequence diagrams) which help much to provide you with a visible knowledge of OO. Completely suggested.

There is a PHP 5 OOP Tutorial here.

"I really hope to make use of these lessons introducing for you a few of the additional features from the PHP 5 object model."

This is actually the official php.internet Tutorial/Overview...


this can be a excellent tutorial with concepts described clearly. http://world wide thanks sunil