I'm creating a personal site, for blog if only to make use of wordpress as well as for a wiki i'll use wikia. Is it feasible which i make use of the same database for storing articles from both frontends (wordpress and wiki). If so can one some how populate articles from the wiki towards the blog, within specific category.

EDIT-- By two different sites I am talking about two different frontends, located at different subdomains.

Rapid response is YES.

However, you will have to be careful for database object naming conflicts.

Also, whenever you say 'two different sites' would you mean 2 different sites? Or simply different 'frontends' inside the same site? Whether it just different front applications running within the same website, then you'll also need to make certain you will not have configuration conflicts.

I am not necessarily sure what your goal is. Is the intention only to work together between Wordpress and Wikia?

You shouldn't store two unrelated schemas in a single database. It is simply requesting collisions. Both Wikia and Wordpress maintain their very own schemas: they might title different functional database objects exactly the same.

If you wish to work together between your two databases, you are able to setup triggers and sights to maneuver data from together without one finding yourself in exactly the same database.

They are able to quite happily make use of the same database. With respect to the RDBMS you're using, you might want to create one more Database or user instance for every site.

With SQL Server you may create one more database, or give a schema for every site. for Oracle you may create a person specific to every site.

To come back data in one spot to another, simply develop a view that is available to each schema. You will have to set rights around the source database to get this done, but that is pretty straightforward.

Why don't you, its likely, simply take care from the tables names conflict between both tables, you may want to edit some tables names.

Contributing to inhabiting one from another, i believe you will have to edit its code some how you can allow it to comprehend the new tables.

A number will put multiple clients on a single database server, so yes.

Should you control the database and also the applications, then you may code these to "share info"

At installation time, both WordPress and Wikka permit you to prefix their tables with various names to avoid naming collisions. So yes you'll be able to allow both programs to talk about exactly the same database.

We have ample clients on our hosting that is shared atmosphere that do this with no issues.

In response to your next question, you might be set for a little of custom code to achieve that.