I've got a website that I have developed, including hands-written php, html, css, and js. I additionally produced the MySQL database.

I have lately introduced someone on who will make the web site look better, but his experience is limitted to dealing with Wordpress. I am wondering if it seems sensible for him towards the the leading-finish "skin" use Wordpress and that i can edit the files when needed so that they submit data to my php files and fasten to my database. When the php produced by Wordpress is affordable, this appears possible theoretically.

Another way is always to go ahead and take html genrated by his php and employ that as my beginning point for connecting into my php processing files and database.

He sent us a dump from the files produced after he produced an easy web page there appeared to become procuring stuff inside.

Can anybody with experience of this comment? I am wishing there's a good way to get this done.


The default technique of me have a tendency to labored well:

  • You provide outlines/simple sketchups/your old layout, therefore the "designer" knows vaguely the way you would like it to be

  • You define exactly what the site must do ("there must be a control button to...", "there must be a listing of..., whenever you click it..."). So they know what goes on and what site follows another. That's important! He or she must comprehend the site.

  • The greater you need to do the above mentioned, the greater the outcomes you achieve with a home designer is going to be

  • The designer creates designs in pure HTML with CSS: Example sites with example data, where all you stated before is integrated.

  • You chop up the HTML-code and integrate it yourself inside your php-code

This process has additionally the advantage, that the exterior designer doesn't contact your application's internal php-code (and can't "steal" it). And you will dry out your internal code whenever you integrate the HTML you receive.