I almost feel dumb/ignorant for asking but I have not used Wordpress during my existence. Initially my skill of latest continues to be developing secure internet/intranet programs in PHP for health care companies. Every occasionally I recieve requested to complete some personal work with buddies or colleagues but not have the time or readiness to understand new things with my hectic agenda.

Lately, I had been contacted to build up a website for any non-profit education group where the group will have to update content regularly. Simple Content management systems system should have the desired effect even though I have not used at all it, let's say I built the website on their behalf using blogging platforms? It might provide a couple of from the employees the power add increase blogs and new content fresh on the website. The website would should also conserve a member 'log in' area with security as being a top concern which i've no clue if Wordpress is capable of doing by itself. I've not a problem building the second in straight PHP however i am curious, can you really truly integrate the 2?

I must build something similar to this website: http://tf.dtbaker.com.au/template/child_care/index.html

but include the safetyOrfellow member only area features they pointed out and keep the power for 'blogging'. I lately discovered a couple of located Content management systems companies (for example Surreal Content management systems http://surrealcms.com/) as a means to manage the Content management systems aspects but when you will find better solutions, I'm all ears.

Note: Using Wordpress exclusively like a subdomain for just about any blogging aspects isn't a choice.

Thanks in advance.

It's difficult to create a recommendation not understanding the specifics, but when a lot of the functionality of they have nothing related to blogging, you'll most likely finish up investing considerable time writing plug ins to change the way in which Wordpress works, after which you will need to potentially maintain individuals plug ins because the API changes as new versions of Wordpress are launched. Since you are coping with healthcare companies and an excuse for security, not improving whenever a latest version of Wordpress arrives may potentially be considered a security risk. You'll most likely also discover that Wordpress's "blog-centricness" will begin to enter the right path.

From what you've stated inside your question, my inclination is always to make use of a Content management systems to construct the website basically were inside your footwear.

That's not saying that you simply can't use custom styles and plug ins to include Content management systems-like functionality to Wordpress and finish track of some nice searching sites. Individuals at WooThemes (http://www.woothemes.com/) do a darn good job at this from what I have seen, and you will find other people doing exactly the same factor. I simply wouldn't go down that path personally.

WordPress is extension using PHP as well as their Plugin system. Wordpress includes a fundamental degree of user authentication and permission level to deal with site management and maintenance. You will find plug ins available which permit you to implement member only features. Search for WordPress membership wordpress plugin turns up a number of hits.

Regarding security of WordPress, we've 3 websites running using blogging platforms during the last five years. Security has enhanced since version 3.x of Wordpress in comparison to ones. You will find plug ins which help from doing such things as scan the machine for security holes (wrong permissions on files etc.) in addition to plug ins claiming to create your website safer. However the best security is actually comprehending the WordPress system, how it operates, and making certain the plug ins you put in are correctly examined and vetted prior to being set up in production.