I am attempting to create a server-client application for Android mobile products. Here I have to test my client application having a server application that is coping with the database. As I am developing this application while using Eclips-ganymede SR2 with Android SDK plug ins, I am confusing the way i can test my application having a server.

Can you really use my hard disk drive because the server? I am talking about will the Android emulator can access my hard disk drive?? Please give any idea related this

Thanks on Regards..

There's not a way for that Anrdoid emulator to gain access to your hard disk meaning that you are speaking about. You might have the ability to mount a folder in your hard disk being an Sdcard, but you wouldn't would like your application to make use of this, because it goes away when you deploy your application towards the market. I suggest you develop a web-plan to operate on your desktop (that will later be used to the web) and write your Android application to refer to this as web-service.