I checked out a couple of from the SO questions which were much like mine but did not locate them as informative when i had wished. I just read one place nevertheless use iFrame but that needs while using Canvas, and Facebook api, and lastly, now on March. 1, SSL (meaning a static IP, more income, compensated certificate.)

I'm not going everything for any sandbox. I wish to build, test, and when I believe the merchandise is worthy, then, once i am pleased with my product, get everything needed for any Facebook application. Basically have a low cost host, I'm able to get it done inexpensively for my "sandbox."

Unsure what direction to go.

edit: For your matter, I will do it all in your area before wearing Facebook.

The fastest &lifier simplest method of getting began with integrating with Facebook would be to give a "Login with Facebook" button for your site: Facebook for Websites. Customers will browse for your site at the domain as always, instead of in the Facebook canvas. You'll get access to any Facebook feature you need to test to ascertain if a canvas application is useful.

This may require that you simply setup a Facebook Developer application to obtain an Application ID and Secret, however, you will not need to parse a signed_request, use SSL, etc.

When you do that, a person can click on the "Login with Facebook" button in your site and permit access around the permissions prompt. That user will be authenticated together with your Facebook application, and you will have the social channels like feeds and demands, the Graph API, etc.


To reply to @johnny's comment question: Yes, using the Facebook Javascript SDK. You are able to publish to some user's wall by either compelling all of them with a Feed Dialog any time you would like them to publish a tale for their wall, or by asking for the 'publish_stream' extended permission, which enables you to definitely publish tales for their wall without compelling the consumer each time (only when the consumer signifies they would like to share that one story - make sure to go through the TOS).