Wishing to port a Wordpress theme to Django. The theme may be the "Thesis" theme, also it keeps everything in an exceedingly convoluted way, a minimum of it appears convoluted if you wish to just take a look in the full-page. The only method I can tell doing the work is groking via a made page by searching in the source HTML, nevertheless its not pretty.

That's really probably the most straight-forward method to port any theme in one platform to a different. Produce a single page/publish/whatever with clearly defined placeholders within the text: [Title] [Content] [Author Title] and so forth. Then copy the origin HTML to your favorite text or code editor and start including the code specific towards the platform you need to deploy the theme on.

I have seen this done perfectly when taking styles in one platform into WordPress. It will work equally well taking them from WordPress, too. Just be ready to invest lots of operate in repairing the usability around the administrative back-finish of things.