Also, can you really configure a size based moving file appender to complete auto compression just like a moving file appender?


Can you really decouple the position of the active versus. aged log files with apache log4cxx?

Not as they are, however, you is capable of it by writing a brand new appender, overridding the RollingFileAppender. Override the setOption() method use a new option denoting a logging directory, say loggingDir, and also the setFile() approach to take this new option into consideration.

For zipping the folded-over file, I am only certain a great extension indicate implement it in will be the

virtual void append(const spi::LoggingEventPtr& event, log4cxx::helpers::Pool& p); 

method however, I am not really a C++ guy, so I'm not sure notebook computer to make use of to implement the compression.