I've got a thick GUI application (possibly running like a service, but additionally just like an ordinary application) on the desktop. I must expose an internet interface towards the application for many remote monitoring and charge of the applying.

I presently am hosting a WCF service that simply returns HTML within the application, which works fine, but brilliantly I must make use of an ASP.Internet application, or perhaps a silverlight application.

Can there be in whatever way to host the aspx or silverlight application from inside my application?

Included in this, I must have the ability to share information between your two programs.

Yes. You do not even need Cassini, because it systems ASPX hosting bits already contained in the framework it's all regulated inside System.Web.Hosting

MSDN includes a piece of content onto it all

The small webserver that's included in Versus is known as Cassini and you will download the origin somewhere. Not sue about versions and licenses.

Cassini provides (demonstrates) the ASP Hosting stuff.

ScottHa comes with an article on hosting Cassini for unit tests. I have tried on the extender before, with a few slight modifications, for unit tests and delay pills work great.

Unsure what variations you manage simply using HTTP.SYS directly, but either should work pretty much, I believe.

when i view it, probably the most simple solution for you personally would be to put a browser control in your application, within the browser put a silverlight application,

should you wanna share information between your application and also the silverlight you can test to reveal a wcf service in the application towards the silverlight whether it works it is also quite simple.