Does anybody determine if you can host a SQL server within the cloud and fasten an ASP.Internet application located on DiscountASP?

Let me consolidate my SQL Server instances but keep your web application hosting where it's at. You will find various causes of I do and that i don't particularly would like to get in it. I haven't any knowledge about cloud computing but I am attempting to wrap my mind around it. It appears to become much like standard hosting aside from the metered billing and versatility. If my idea is nuts and problematic, you can tell me, but be nice. -)

Yes, but susceptible to the next:

  • Unless of course your cloud provider provides a VPN or else you otherwise secure the information, all traffic is going to be unencrypted on the internet
  • It'll most likely be slow as every DB operation goes on the internet.
  • Some cloud companies (Amazon . com without a doubt) charge for internet traffic although not for internal traffic.

Depnding on which features you utilize of SQL Server, SQL Azure hosting is near to production, it is going love the united states datacentres in The month of january (PDC announcement) and billing for that service begins in Feb. At the moment although the database limits are purely 1GB and 10GB that is a little restricting, but when your computer data could be partitioned across databases and also the application could be transformed to know this then your limitation isn't so harsh.

It's restrictions on functionality etc but it's a possible choice that may be looked into - but only some of the one.