I'm not a Db guy. I'm just curious if there's possible to create claims in Sql to ensure that you are able to write unit tests for the scripts, for the sprocs etc. after which even implement an evaluation Driven Development method of your periods?


It can be done really, in a roundabout way from SQL throught, however the language you need to do the application.

Of result in SQL should be incapsulated in DAL (Data Access Layer) and all sorts of data got by Databases (or any other data access classes). That you can do unit testing of individuals classes, that might be running SQL scripts in the finish. So, essentially you'll test out your SQL code.

It's simplier in my experience, than attempting to write such tests in SQL. :)

In the past I'd deliberation over that: http://www.beletsky.internet/2010/11/testing-database-and-test-database.html