I wish to give a google maps widget to Pages on the Wordpress site. Every one has exactly the same Template having a Sidebar however the map is going to be unique for every. I seem like there must be a method to populate the widget in the edit page screen for your Page. Does each Page really need it's own Template?

This appears restricting maybe I am missing something. If now you ask , unclear I tell me however i think this ought to be something ppl have run facing before.

I recommend the integration of the wordpress wordpress plugin to do this. It will likely be simple enough to complete.

If you wish to do that without buying any 'pro' versions of the wordpress plugin and do not mind writing some simple code, then I recommend Simple Google Map. You'll have to place a shortcode in to the widgetized sidebar area. This is actually the wordpress plugin link - http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/simple-google-map/

To be able to personalize each page's sidebar area, You have to write some code. Please make reference to this short article that will let you know that http://www.wpbeginner.com/wp-themes/display-different-sidebar-for-each-post-and-page-for-wordpress/

It calls for an easy difference in your 'single.php' file and using 'custom fields' to ensure that you'll have the ability to do that in the edit screen from the page, exactly like you desired to do!

Make use of a plain text widget for every map and Widget Logic to choose the page it seems on: WordPress › Widget Logic « WordPress Plugins