First, I have only designed lots of HTML, know just a little PHP and am having fun with Wordpress, experimentation and learning it generate an income learn anything else, learning from mistakes, heavy around the error.

The topic line is not very obvious I am sure. I've got a site setup for writing. The posts behave as groups and also to a webpage menu for static distribution. All posts, within the theme show on the first page, 2, etc. Great.

What I am trying to puzzle out and wish is. I would like another portion of Posts only for one subject, within this situation movie reviews. Therefore the primary portion of the website is general posting. I would like another section where customers can publish for their hearts content but have individuals movie posts Stay in one section and never be included using the "general population." Ok, they click the Movie Review link around the primary page. This takes these to the website Admin where they are able to write an evaluation in TinyMCE and Publish it. It is possible to method in which these Posts can display up inside a section that belongs to them?

I have even installed another Wordpress site for this function. Wonderful, however I must transfer all registered customers there and then any brand new ones. That's insane. Plus, the consumer would need to sign in two times, once for that original and when for that Movie Wordpress. Also unacceptable.

If I am around the wrong site to request this, tell me and sorry. Otherwise, some guidance would keep me from the endless Search.


You should use Groups to imitate this. So that your movie reviews could be at You would modify index.php to exclude the film reviews category in the primary page.

If you are confident with using php, you can rather use custom post types. This can be a better solution, but would require more custom coding. The foot of the Codex page I associated with has some excellent walkthroughs on using CPTs.