I am focusing on a jax-ws service in Eclipse. Sooner or later, this particular service opens and uses a few XSLT stylesheets.

My real question is, are you able to in some way import and these 2 files within the project itself, as possible having a library? For convenience' sake. I essentially want my plan to work out of the box, without needing to feel the trouble of shipping the xslts together with the service but needing to put them in various locations around the server, needing to show people where and how they have to go etc..

On the related note, why after i make new File("D:\x.xslt");, the service searches for it in "C:\Users\Tudor\Desktop\eclipseJ2EE\eclipse\D:\x.xslt"? As with, *eclipse_path*/*fileName*. I'd have understood, whether it sought out the file within the cause of the apache tomcat server although not the installDir of eclipse... Anyway, how do you change that behavior?

You are able to keep xslt file in your source classpath and load it through the Classloader.

If you work with Spring you may also make use of the ResourceLoader to load assets.

Its rarely smart to use File instances with relative pathways directly, since within different server conditions the bottom directory frequently differs.

Hope this can help.