Let us say I wish to retrieve 100 records from the table known as messages, and I wish to obtain them the next way:

1st message
100th message
2nd message
99th message
3rd message
98th message

Can there be any method of doing this effectively? What will be the appropriate query? Or must i create a query to choose the very first 50, a question to choose the final 50 after which merge the outcomes?

Try in case your ID is really a sequence of amounts:


SET @half = (SELECT MAX(id) FROM messages)/2;


SELECT * FROM `messages` ORDER BY (IF(id<@half,@half*2-id,id-1)) DESC,id ASC;

The thing is to produce two virtual posts "serie_order" (variant) and "serie" (constant) you will employ on areas of your computer data (you will need to split your computer data in 2).

  SELECT 1 as serie, message_id AS serie_order , *  FROM
   (SELECT message_id FROM messages ) as part_up
  SELECT 2 as serie, 101-message_id  as serie_order, * FROM
   (SELECT message_id FROM messages) as part_down
) AS world

ORDER BY serie_order ASC, serie ASC
set @rank:=0; 

select id from 
(select id, @rank:=(coalesce(@rank, 0)+1) as new_order 
 from a_table 
 order by some_column limit 100) as ordering
order by if (new_order<=50, new_order-1, abs(100-new_order)) asc;