I have been reading through up much more about sights in MySQL (not my strongpoint), but I am now wondering if anybody has a good example of how you can place a row right into a view composed in excess of one table, where there's a supertype and subtype relationship?

For instance, the 'party model' hierarchy, showing roles of employer and staff:

    _ _ | _ _
   |         |
employer   staff

The tables that (simplified):

party                             employer               staff
--------------------------------  ---------------------  -----------------
party_ID INT auto_increment (PK)  party_ID INT (FK)      party_ID INT (FK)
party_name VARCHAR                tax_reference VARHCAR  job_title VARCHAR
etc...                            etc...                 etc...

I understand I can produce a view to cope with only the relationship concerned:

CREATE VIEW staff_view AS SELECT party.party_ID, etc... FROM party INNER JOIN staff

After I give a employee, I wish to produce a record within the party table, then reference the car-increment party_ID within the staff table. I can not observe how to do an place in a single statement, something similar to:

INSERT INTO staff_view (party_name, job_title, etc...) VALUES ('John Doe', 'CEO', etc)

I understand I'm able to acheive this programatically, however i am wishing there's a method to get it done directly within the database and keep the referential integrity. How does one approach this problem?

(MySQL documentation: http://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.1/en/view-updatability.html)

You may can solve your condition having a place trigger?