I've a credit card applicatoin that can take days to process data. It is possible to service that will allow me to run my application on effective computer systems?

I am not managing a website or perhaps a web service. This really is taking numerous of information files, running them via a large custom application, and outputting an effect.

It requires days on my small PC and it is something that should be done every every now and then, although not continuously.

Cost is not really an problem, within the sense that my opportunity can pay for this, however it ought to be cheaper than purchasing a large-ass machine ourselves.

Have you thought about Amazon . com EC2? You have to pay on an hourly basis for which you utilize. Forget about, believe it or not. You can event rent many servers at the same time to separate the job load.

I am unsure in the event that meets your dependence on "effective computer systems", because they are just average servers, but a minimum of you'll have a pay-as-you-go solution for running this program off of your computer.

Amazon's EC2 Service is a superb solution to your requirements. You pay for that time you utilize, and you will scale as much as as numerous machines since you need.

Using their information:

Elastic – Amazon . com EC2 allows you to definitely increase or decrease capacity in a few minutes, not hrs or days. You are able to commission one, 100s as well as 1000's of server instances concurrently. Obviously, since this is all controlled with web service APIs, the application can instantly scale itself up and lower based on its needs.

Flexible – You will find the selection of multiple instance types, os's, and software programs. Amazon . com EC2 enables you to definitely choose a configuration of memory, CPU, and instance storage that's optimal for the selection of operating-system and application. For instance, the selection of os's includes numerous Linux distributions, Microsoft Home windows Server and OpenSolaris.

EC2 is excellent, but remember that you will find meanwhile other solutions available too, for example http://world wide web.rackspacecloud.com/ or GoGrid or MS Azure. A number of them are less expensive per CPU than EC2.

Allows keep your competition within this space alive )

In case your application isn't parallel, you will not get several benefits by running it inside a "large machine", unless of course the bottleneck is incorporated in the virtual memory changing. The Top500 supercomputers aren't basically faster than any PC for consecutive workloads.

In case your application can exploit parallelism maybe you could utilize your company's existent assets more effectively than simply implementing it in only pc. For those who have a couple of a large number of computer systems, you can setup a loosely combined heterogeneous cluster (or local power grid, terminology changes with fashion).

Is the application memory intensive? From that which you descibe it appears so.

We're going begin a service of Large remote SMP node for Memory Intensive runs.

The node has 512GB of RAM.

Large memory isn't enough, the machine can also be updated for several kind of workloads which we define "dynamic" where multiple threads keeps swapping data &lifier synchronization. These kind of situations typically congest the equipment because of heavy communication.

Should you application is memory intensive and dynamic in character then you should look at our service.