I've got a shared-hosting account at GoDaddy, including Light (Linux, Apache HTTP Server, MySQL, and PHP). I like SVN as my source control, and that i thought "hey, maybe you can have my very own SVN server located during my GoDaddy account!"

So, is it feasible? It is possible to "bridge" that allows SVN on Light?

Usually no. Subversion needs binaries installed, and tight integration using the underlying system (e.g. with Apache for everyone multiple databases) to be effective.

It is dependent around the host. DreamHost enables you to setup Subversion on the hosting that is shared account, and I have used them effectively for some time.

I'm not sure about SVN, however, you can certainly setup a Git repository without requiring to set up Git around the remote machine. And Git > SVN :-). It's a little complicated though.

Edit: I attempted to locate a walkthrough to get this done but unsuccessful up to now. However the fundamental steps are really quite simple (this really is all from memory from the couple of years back though):

  1. Initialize a bare git repo in your local machine. This can behave as the foundation towards the only individual who would have the ability to push towards the remote: you.
  2. Produce a trigger that copies the items in that directory towards the remote server (FTP, rsync: whatever's open to you) on commits, etc.
  3. For you personally, clone the foundation situated in your local machine to ensure that somebody can push into it. For those others, they ought to clone your directory around the remote server as though it were an "authentic" git repository.
  4. Configure access privileges accordingly, nevertheless, you can.

It isn't a "true" Git repository I guess, but I have tried on the extender before and delay pills work for that reasons I made use of it for.

The Git User's Manual experiences area of the steps involved.

If you're permitted cgi access, and you will install binaries (or perhaps your host has svn installed) then yes, you are able to setup a subversion repository in your site.

A vps could be more sufficient for hosting an SVN repo.

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