I have to produce a MS Stand out 2007+ file from the application based on confirmed pattern supplied by management. The majority of the jobs are done, but I must set the column width to 11,34 centimeters. I attempted to make use of the setColumnWidth(int columnIndex, int width) method, but no matter the worthiness Provided it doesn't work. JavaDoc states:

Set the width (in models of just oneOr256th of the character width)

The utmost column width for a person cell is 255 figures. This value signifies the amount of figures that may be displayed inside a cell that's formatted using the standard font.

How to get this done?

Thanks ahead of time, gtludwig

Ok, I believe I realize your condition now, your company needs condition that you need to set the width from the column according to standard Stand out font character width.

Generate an income would approach this is to make use of paper Screen key with an example in Stand out, then paste into Fresh paint or perhaps a similar program and count pixel width. I'd then make use of the ruler tool to measure pixels/centimetres and employ the resulting number as my fixed column width.

This can most likely involve some learning from mistakes to obtain right.

With nevertheless I'll share my own opinion which i feel mtss is a LAZY and WEAK business requirement. What's "standard font"? Which version of Stand out? This requirement is available to entirely an excessive amount of developer interpretation.

Really, I had been mistaken in the very beggining! My (terrible!) bad! Width posts were already being set, but thought not! All it required like a simple "rule of three" and that i was set.