I am using GoDaddy and want to have MongoDB for my pet project.. however i don't think its likely, because it needs to be running the Daemon... but.. it does not hurt to request, it is possible to way?

No, there'd be not a way to set up and run it if you're only using hosting that is shared account. You'd need a chance to login making changes.

However, you can always consider options like utilizing an exterior MongoDB located service for example MongoHQ. This way, you are able to still use MongoDB. However that you will probably finish up needing to pay more for that service.

book it and also have a try, Establishing mongoDB with GoDaddy Hosting http://schweitzertech.com/wordpress/uncategorized/setting-up-mongodb-with-godaddy-hosting/

The hyperlink mention above (http://schweitzertech.com/wordpress/uncategorized/setting-up-mongodb-with-godaddy-hosting/) doesn't help during this situation. This isn't exactly what the poster is searching for. This allows you take mongodb around the command line only. For production reasons, they will have to have the ability to edit the php.ini and add the mongodb php module, which you'll not do on hosting that is shared. So, at this time around, you can't use mongodb for any website on hosting that is shared.