I mean , basically may use, in someway, code like

page.replace_html :test, :partial => "/accounts/edit"
page.visual_effect(:appear, "test", :duration => 0.5)

to update a database record. Whether it is not possible for the reason that way, how is it feasible?

When you're striking your RJS file the related action inside your controller has been known as. What this means is in case your file is my_method.js.rjs then my_controller.my_technique is being known as. Place the your database update statement inside.

I suppose you need to improve your database according to parameters passed through in the form, so params hash allows you use of them from inside the controller method.

Hope that solutions your question.

Perform the database access in whatever controller action refers to this as javascript builder. The javascript builder stuff is perfect for the view.

u can make ur own assistants to attain what u want...