Can you really load / host a whole website using AWS? Or perhaps is it merely a service that may load specific bits of an internet site - for example images, etc. Clearly, I'd desire to use my very own domain. If technology-not only, what are the restrictions?

Here's the AWS link, for context: .

AWS = Amazon . com Web Services = a suite of various web services.

S3 (that you associated with) is definitely an object store. You cannot host an internet service on S3.

EC2, also underneath the AWS umbrella, is virtualized compute space. You Are Able To host an internet service on EC2. It is similar to getting a server inside a rack somewhere, with the exception that whenever you shut lower an incident, it's gone forever. But using EBS, which is sort of a virtualized hard disk, will stop you from losing your computer data once the EC2 instance shuts lower.

See . and .

So you know what I simply found while doing a bit of Google looks for hosting on AWS?! Your blog publish through the AWS proclaiming that you can (now) host an internet site on S3. (Funny enough, the StackOverflow and also the AWS publish were right alongside one another within the SERPs!) . com-s3.html