I am conscious that the wordpress API may be used to make posts wordpress blogs located by yourself server/website. However, can you really also make posts blogs located using blogging platforms.org while using api? If that's the case, how can i discover the particulars like the Web addresses that to create the api demands, etc?

Presently I am only thinking about adding new posts blogs located using blogging platforms.org and verifying the login info (so any function that will verify the login info without altering anything, e.g a technique which returns the amount of posts within the blog, could be fine).

I'll be using PHP and ideally use XML-RPC to create the API demands.

Yes, you should use the API. The url you will need is http://<blogname>.wordpress.com/xmlrpc.php

I've utilized the Home windows Live Author application to publish to my very own wordpress.com blog, as well as in the setup phase, this is actually the data it requested me to supply.

For recommending a read-only call to check login, I am afraid my understanding from the API is very rusty, in order to only suggest searching in the API paperwork.


hi search for http://codex.wordpress.org/XML-RPC_wp ,where u will find u all want

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