In most cases we're running .Internet Framework 3.5

My opportunity includes a server running Home windows Server 2003 R2 (Service Pack 2), 32-bit processor. The IIS instance about this machine runs several Websites. Among the Websites we're running is Microsoft CRM 4.

After I make an effort to sign in to CRM from my local PC, everything's perfectly straightforward. I get a prompt for password, I go into the particulars, I am authenticated, and that i go through. Easy.

However: I'm able to RDP in to the 2003 Server and open IE. Basically then browse to the CRM website I'm motivated for any password. Provided the identical particulars - such as the correct domain - when i enter from my local PC. But nothing. I am refused access.

I'm webmaster each of my local PC as well as the 2003 Server.

This is strange. I do not know where you can begin searching on that one. I do not know what terms hitting into Google.

Any help could be greatly appreciated.


Now, understanding what designers are just like (I'm one) the very first response will probably be: "If you're able to sign in out of your PC, so why do you care?"

There's more happening.

We now have another website on that server that does only host some critical web services. The reason being the critical web services themselves rarely change however the additional features change constantly. We do not want the critical web services to visit lower while maintenance is carried out on the areas, so that they were split off to their own independent site about 18 several weeks ago.

I'm creating a web service for that critical site. This Web Service itself features a proxy that points towards the CrmService of CRM 4. The concept is the fact that we would like individuals to have the ability to submit certain information - for example lead contact details - into our CRM. However, we don't wish to give just anybody use of the entire CRM system (clearly). So by posting our very own WebService that sits in the centre we are able to expose just the functionality that people want others to possess.

This new web services are now ready for deployment. All situations are met, all unit tests pass, exactly what should fail does. It's all regulated hunky-dory.

After I put that WebService around the 2003 Server, all of a sudden it cannot contact CrmService anymore because of authentication failure. ???

During my tries to identify the issue, I observed that no-one - not really managers - can log in to the CRM Website from inside the 2003 Server. So I am suspicious of that whatever is leading to that problem can also be accountable for my web plan to be not able to gain access to the CrmService too.

For further context, you will find there's new multi-domain SSL cert around the 2003 Server and we are splitting use of all of our websites via host-headers.

I can not think about anymore relevant information. If I have omitted something critical, just request.

Thought it was!

Have been effective.