Could everyone link me to the assets or point me within the right direction? I have been looking on the internet all day long, however i only get SQLite lessons and articles, maybe I am not searching within the right direction.

Essentially I wish to write data right into a mysql database from the android programs. I wish to save such things as monthly subscriptions and preferences for every user, for any specific user (so I'll also need to implement some kind of login system)

Can One do that from my android application, or will I must use PHP to handle demands around the server after which send the information in JSON or xml or something like that like this?

Any info on both CRUD and also the login product is greatly welcome!

you cannot do this from android application , you should use php as if you stated or setup a socket application with java based on your requirements and options.

The 2nd you stated. :)

You need a peaceful framework or things like that. ( Best lightweight RESTful framework for PHP 5.3 )