I am attempting to personalize category.php template however i discovered that after I am inside a page the ┬┐loop? does not really make use of this template, when i obtain a not found error.

The truth is, after i connect to: http://mysite/blog I recieve the right category.php template, and also the $cat variable is being employed as expected, however when my url is much like http://mysite/blog/page/2/ (as well as http://mysite/blog/page/1/) I can tell caetgory.php isn't being known as and that i obtain a not found message (not really a real 404 error, however the wordpress not found message).

What can i do to be able to get category.php in most pages?

NOTE: I acquired to those pages moving trough "Older opsts" and "More recent posts" links.


please look at this article using blogging platforms.net to be able to comprehend the wordpress hierachy. http://codex.wordpress.org/Template_Hierarchy

Basicly it really works such as this.

Index.php can be used for blogposts

page.php can be used for pages

page-.php can be used for specified pages (using the slug)

archive.php can be used for archive pages (if archive.php does not is available it uses index.php rather)

tag.php can be used for tags

tag-.php can be used for tags having a specified slug

category.php can be used for category pages (if category.php does not is available it uses index.php rather)

Hope this provides you outside assistance.

Best wishes, Marten