I am utilizing a rather busy MySQL 5. database. Do you know the primary reasons that i can migrate to MySQL 5.1? Will it worthwhile?

I personally use VS2008/.Internet 3.5 Servers run like a MySQL cluster on Home windows 2008 servers.

Appreciate your solutions to date. To become more specific - I am searching for solutions like the one by Quanssnoi, listing the characteristics most significant to him, instead of links to MySQL feature lists, that we obviously read. Thanks.

Main reasons for me personally could be partitioning and XPath support.

For me personally the most crucial new feature was row-based replication.

Here's a listing of recent features in MySQL 5.1: What's New in MySQL 5.1 If you are not likely to make the most of these additional features, and you've got a production system running on MySQL 5., then moving to MySQL 5.1 is probably not worthwhile.

MySQL 6. (that is still in Alpha stage), however, brings a slew of new features including utf16 and utf32 support, along with a new storage engine known as Falcon.

I have observed that DB dumps and loading of dumps works far better in five.1 (5. has difficulties with individuals backwards compatibility comments). Notice I am not mentioning to schema Backup, but dumps (various things).