I want a recommendation for any CCK(More Applocation builder) module for joomla 1.6.
they are me.

  1. Muliti language support(include rtl).
  2. Form builder that enables create multiple content nodes (Like Articles).
  3. Well recorded and straightforward API for template side.
  4. Fields for example: image,upload,movie,wealthy text and date.
  5. I saw that drupal CCK produces table per area, I must avoid that.

I do not mind having to pay for such module.


So far as I understand, only 3 from the trustworthy CCK components have launched single.6 version to date -

Zoo - http://www.yootheme.com/zoo/ (should be version 5.4, this is not on JED yet)

Seblod - http://www.seblod.com/ (was once JSeblod, is just at RC stage at this time)

K2 - http://getk2.org/ (still in beta, but you will get it using their SVN)