I'm studying options for any work for my opportunity and after many factors, I am looking into building the applying on NHibernate for object mapping, which may allow our clients to make use of whatever database management system they'd prefer or are utilized too, etc... whether it is MySQL, MSSQL, PostgreSQL as well as SQLite just in case of little levels of data. Some our clients have various database systems already in position.

My problem is about certification around these database management systems, according to the way we intend to develop the applying. For instance, MySQL is GPL and MSSQL proprietary. Obviously, I wouldn't distribute the attached fittings all within the final solution but, rather, allow the customer choose its very own and install the appropriate fittings and database server...

  • Within this situation, would we have to buy licenses for those individuals fittings and systems (which may represent lots of money I suppose) ?
  • Or should our customer purchase a license for that database system of their choice ?
  • Or are we able to just ship the applying with no database related file and allow the customer do its business ?

Just help, Pierre.

I am not really a lawyer, but:

  1. Only when the adapter can be used (e.g for testing) or provided/distributed. Contact the DB vendor for that the relevant usage and distribution rules.
  2. If it's the clients responsibility to do this, then yes: the plugs might be supplied by the DB vendor or by a third party (commercial or else). Contact the DB vendor for info on acquiring and taking advantage of stated plugs (to ensure that these details could be given to clients). Allow the customer handle any database certification.
  3. Yes. Begin to see the above two points.

Happy coding.