I have been searching at a number of sites that provide a kind of "linkware" license in which you obtain the website free of charge but have to keep all links towards the designers site in position. Buying permission key and adding it towards the site (in both a database or some type of config file) removes these links.

I'm wondering if anybody has already established any connection with managing a system such as this, particularly how can you generate and appearance the license secrets? I am considering using an identical model to something I am focusing on so any good examples in "Classic" ASP could be most appreciated.

Thanks ahead of time

Generally licences work utilizing a public-key system. Your licence string is just some info (possibly with information on which domain title this licence applies for, for instance), signed because of your private key. The net application consists of the general public key, which is often used to determine the validity from the signature.

I am sure you will find different ways, but this appears to become one of the most robust ones which i are conscious of. :-)

I've not coded anything in ASP, and so i don't have any good examples for you personally, sorry.