We're using a client that's thinking about developing an AJAX interface to some Virtuemart deployment inside a Joomla.

We're searching to produce a more dynamic ordering atmosphere. They wish to possess a visual representation from the product show on screen because the going to customer selects options featuring. They'd also want it to publish the resulting cost.

Is the best tool? Has anybody had success developing an AJAX front-end for Virtuemart?

The question if Virtuemart may be the right tool doesn't rely on the customisation from the frontend checkout process. We've done major modifications/ rewrites towards the checkout in addition to product pages which is simple enough, as the majority of the code is easy organised into files and does not must many dependencies.

When the data model and after sales in addition to interactions along with other modules matches your needs, i quickly think it is the right component. Pricier this to create your frontend any simpler.

I recommend to produce a new component and copy aqnd paste code in it as you can see fit, most likely largely around * address handling * checkout saving * email processing

Everything else I'd just write on your own.