I'm more to Wordpress person rival Joomla. Well i've one problem regarding to Joomla. I'm utilizing a non commercial contact page since its has got the least features which i want.

However, after i am by using this the page heading format for that page is finished since formerly i'm while using default Joomla's contact page.

Automatically the page heading is covered with H2 tag underneath the item-page div.

I figured i solve this by customize the 3rd party contact page layout file by putting

<div class="item-page"><h2>Contact Us</h2></div>

The issue now's i'm by using this 3rd party component on several menu/page. There's another page known as Volunteering page. At this time the Volunteering page also shows E Mail Us page heading.

I observe that each menu features its own ID, like Volunteering id is 517. How do i show different page heading in line with the menu ID?

You are doing the work hard way. First, as cp21yos pointed out, when the extension is coded correctly, it will be capable of place it's own page titles per instance. Otherwise, you'll be able to use built-in Joomla functionality rather than putting extra code within the extension or template. Simply employ a Custom HTML module and assign it towards the food selection you would like.