I started creating a site a couple of days ago and prefixed my custom publish types and taxonomies with xx_ as have been mentioned like a best practice to prevent any naming conflicts.

Since I recognize which i require a custom search and appending xx_tales, xx_genre, xx_somethingelse will create some really ugly web addresses. example: http://example.com/stories/?post_type=xx_stories&xx_genre=fiction&xx_somethingelse=quick-afternoon-read,short-story but I'd favour http://example.com/?post_type=stories&genre=fiction&somethingelse=quick-afternoon-read,short-story

Can there be a good way to relabel a WordPress custom taxonomy and custom publish type? I'm not worries about searching web addresses within the engine's indexes. I understand I'm able to edit the database after which update my functions to mirror properly but I am unsure all of the tables or maybe there's possibly an simpler method to migrate without losing all of the terms during my taxonomies and all sorts of the values round the custom publish types.