I a table with a few rows with wrong year date.

The format from the date is: "MM/DD/YYYY"

The incorrect year it's 1933 and the most appropriate one is 2011.

How do you alter the year with SQL in Interbase???

I discovered I possibly could perform a CDate with other people DB but on Interbase I did not find anything yet.

Something along wrinkles might work. Assumes that dates in 1933 have to be up-to-date. CAST(), EXTRACT(), and also the concatenation operator ('') are standard SQL.

UPDATE yourtablename

SET date_column =


        EXTRACT(month from date_column)  '-' 

        EXTRACT(day from date_column)  as DATE)

WHERE date_column BETWEEN '1933-01-01' and '1933-12-31'

Chances are good that without having a cheque constraint on that column, more 1933 dates can have up eventually.